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To be blunt, I have not had much time to be online. I have enrolled in a Vocational Technical school. when I am not in school I am either at my part time job,studying, or sleeping.

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October 28 1943

The Panzerkanonier Anton Lars yelled shortly before launching a
barrage of High Explosive shells at a Russian T-34. “That’s
a hit!” Feldwebel Reiner yelled just before the Panzer IV took
a hit to the side.”Armor Piercing rounds loaded!” Yelled
Panzerpioneer Conrad yelled before accessing the damage to the right
side of the tank. We were in the busted and ruined Russian city of
Stalingrad at the time we were in the beginning Fall and it was
already snowing. My name is Albert Franz I am an Olbersoldat or
“private” in English terms I have a family of 2 Me,and My
wife, Vanessa, which I have not seen in about 2 years. I am also of
the 5th Panzergruppe, 3rd Squadron, 4th tank. I am a radio man or

My tank commander is
Siegfried Reiner with the rank of Feldwebel (Staff Sergeant). Our
engineer or Panzerpioneer which repairs the tanks and loads the main
gun is Conrad Ulf with the rank of Gefreiter (Private First class).I
looked to the Feldwebel and yelled “2nd tank reports heavy
damage to the main cannon and are pulling back!”

Tell them to
fall back to grid sector F7.” Reiner commanded.

Sir! Armor on
our right side was badly damaged, but as long as we don't take any
more hits to it we can keep in the fight.” said Conrad.”Target
sighted at 5 o’clock! Firing!  ” yelled Anton When that
shot hit the T-34 a large explosion erupted from the tank and killed
its crew. “That shot  hit their ammo cache!” Gleefully
Reiner bellowed.

%@#$! We got
a KV-2 coming in at 9 o’clock!” yelled Anton. A KV-5 is a
Russian heavy tank that can hold a 105mm main gun and has a 100mm
thick armor in the front, able to easily destroy a Panzer IV and
wipeout most of its crew in one hit.

Driver pull
back!” desperately yelled Reiner. Right then a Panzershrek hit
the left tread. “Sir our left tread is-”right then the
KV-5 fired and hit the driver’s compartment. ”Driver!”
yelled Reiner. He went up and checked for a pulse right as a fallback
message was sent to us. “The driver is dead.” stated

We are
ordered to fall back sirs “ I said.

Abandon the
tank!” the Feldwebel said after collecting the driver’s

Anton pulled out the
MP40s a German submachine gun, and hollered “Opening hatch!”
before opening the top hatch. On the way out I grabbed the ammo and
rations. The Commander said” it’s 20 clicks to the
nearest known base and most of our brigade was taken down by that
KV-5. We may have to hoof it from here”. “Hoof it? As in
on foot?” I asked.

Yes as in on
foot Franz.” sighed Conrad.”You gotta be kidding me”
I muttered while passing out ammo and rations.”Quit your
yapping and load your weapons” ordered Reiner.We each were
trained what to do if our tank was immobilized/destroyed, which was
to make contact with friendly forces as soon as possible and to avoid
capture by any means necessary.I loaded my MP40 and cocked it.

Reiner turned to us
and hollered  ”Ok men we were trained what to do in a situation
like this so lets get moving.”

The remainder of the
tank crew and I kept moving for a while before we found a safe place
to rest for a while inside what looked like an old russian
*barracks.”We will set up for the night here” Reiner said
while setting a broken table in front of the doorway to block any
easy access to where we were sleeping. Reiner looked at us and said
“Conrad, Franz go look around for some supplies and anything
useful, Anton and will stand guard.” “Yes sir”
Conrad and I said in unison before we headed through the barracks.

“Lets split
up we will cover more ground that way” suggested Conrad.
“Agreed” I said.When we split up I went to the left wing
of the building where a motor pool was and Conrad went to the right
wing that held a kitchen and the mess hall. While I was looking
around I stumbled upon what looked like an inoperational motorbike
bearing Russian symbols and a few badly damaged armored cars and a
MS-1 Russian *tankette in operational condition.

The MS-1 is a
lightly armored vehicle that carries a small 10mm cannon perfect for
target practice or navigating an urban environment, they are small
about the length of a folding table and the width of two folding
tables it also has 15mm armor. We could use it to get to the
rendezvous point only issue it only takes only 3 people, one to
drive, one to shoot and load, and one to man the radio.”Only if
we could repair one of the armored cars or that motorbike” I
muttered to myself.

I opened the hatch
of the MS-1 and peered inside to see if the inside was intact, which
it was but oddly enough it had ammo inside it, so I went inside and
rummaged around. While looking around I mistakenly forgot to watch my

I was examining the
radio when I heard, In an almost perfect German. “Drop your
weapon, place your hands on your head, and face the wall or I will
shoot.” “Look you don’t have to do this” I
said. “Actually yes I do” said the voice. “Now drop
the weapon!” Sighing I dropped the MP40 where it landed with a
thud.”Now place your hands on your head and face the wall.”
the voice demanded.After I did that he started patting me down for
weapons and checked my pockets.

While he was patting
me down he a picture of me and my wife and threw it on the ground
after unfolding it. “You have a beautiful wife” he
commented shortly after tieing me to a chair, with rope I found in an
armored car earlier.

I must have fell
asleep for at least 2 hours because when I woke up I was being hauled
to my feet at gunpoint. “Drop your weapons or he dies!”
yelled the Russian. “Don’t be a fool and drop your weapon
and we will let you leave unharmed!” yelled what sounded like
the Commander. “Ha you think I am that stupid you filthy pigs!
You would kill me right after I drop my weapon!” he yelled
back. “ Now drop your weapons!” he yelled and shot me in
the leg. I clenched my teeth and groaned.  “Drop your weapon or
the next shot will be fatal!”. he yelled while picking me up
and putting a pistol to my head. I attempted to kick him in the shin
and fell to the ground right then the commander fired.

I hit my head of
what felt like a brick and was unconscious for a bit before I was
revived by a wave of an ice cold liquid“Help Franz up”
ordered Reiner. Reiner went inside of the MS-1 and came out with a
medical kit while Anton and Conrad were lifting me up onto an armored
cars hood. “We got to get the bullet out of his leg before we
seal it up” Reiner said. Right then Anton went over to a wooden
chair and broke off a leg and said “ We have no morphine so you
may want to bite down on this” said Anton “Fine” I
said and took and bite down firmly on it.

At first the pain
was unbearable but as time went on the pain lessened. After we got
the bullet out we headed back to where we were holed up and ate some
of the rations and I reported what I found to the Feldwebel and went
to sleep.

An older piece of work of when I was in intermediate school.


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